Monday, November 8, 2010

Becoming extroverted

A normal middle-class Indian is introverted. Some of them may want to
become extroverted so that they become outgoing, smart and street smart.
They look at books, browse Net to find out ways on how to become an extrovert.
But they end up becoming dissappointed.
There may be books and materials available on the topic, but the problem is
they may be unsuitable to an Indian mindset.
A normal Indian has many queries in his mind. "Will I clear IAS exams?",
"Can my sketching improve?" or "Will I be rejected by Mr.A when I meet him?"
etc. etc.
Traditionally our saints and sages were perturbed by questions like
"Who am I?","What is the purpose of my life?" etc.
Over the ages we have inherited this questioning mindset. We always seem to have
questions and we spend time trying to discover their answers. This causes introversion.
The first step towards no introversion is therefore no self-queries.
I am looking forward to your responses and hope that together we shall be able to
make the seemingly impossible journey from introversion to extroversion.
Keep blogging.


  1. very thoughtful and valid question.

  2. The second step towards no-introversion is to get convincing answers to whatever questions that one may have.
    This step should be taken only if one cannot escape self questioning.

  3. The most convincing answers are one that can be represented by equal to symbol. =.
    This symbol of = can be used to get convincing answers.
    Let us get together and beat introversion once and for all.

  4. The above two steps should ensure that introversion is nullified.
    To become an extrovert one needs to match one's mouth with the other's mouth. One's ears with the other's ears.
    I am practising this difficult step.

  5. Any doubts in the above techniques shall be clarified gladly.

  6. The technique for extroversion where in I commented that match mouth with mouth and ear with ear should be correct because the first principle for verbal communication is to listen better.
    If we match our ear with other's mouth, then our mind may tend to wander. We may not be able to comprehend what others say.
    If we match our ear to others ear and our mouth to others mouth then our attention is much better and we listen better. This obeys the first principle of verbal communication more.
    This is what I feel.
    Other option for improving verbal communication should be to join a course for improving communication.

  7. From another angle also the law is correct.
    A person likes to hear what he wants to listen.
    If we want to impress someone there is no better way than this.
    If we do mouth to mouth and ear to ear, then in
    one way we are speaking what he is hearing.

  8. The best way to communicate will therefore be speak what the other person speaks. Or something similar.
    If someone says "The weather is good."
    You may reply back "Yes, the weather is good."

  9. Once you are comfortable talking in the above way, you can then expand a little more by talking about prime things in the other person's talk.
    For e.g. The other person says, "The weather is good."
    You may say "Weather is primarily the condition now".
    This is because you consider weather as the prime thing in the other person's talk.

  10. Because intelligence means accuracy, precision one must avoid being accurate and precise to become extroverts.
    Because showing intelligence is not welcome in verbal communication.

  11. "=" symbol does not mean bodies are same. An obese man cannot be called equal to a slim man !!
    However, lip size, ear size are more or less equal. Definitely they are more equal than bodies.
    So, be brave and apply this technique for extroversion if you like.

  12. Using principles of above and Measuring Behavior ( one can build good personality.

  13. Becoming extroverted may not be enough. One would want to talk smoothly and get their way.
    Can I teach to talk glibly? You bet.
    Treat your tongue as a simple machine.
    I can explain more if you comment.

  14. So see-saw , fulcrum, hammer etc. are good examples for basis of talks.
    Vagaries of life, jugaad, pressure etc.

  15. How to be successful? This is the last question. You have become extroverted; you are talking smoothly by treating tongue like a simple machine; you want to be successful also.
    Treat your whole body as a simple machine to help others get their work done. Not just your tongue. But the whole body of yours.
    I sincerely wish all success to you. Happy independence day.

  16. Unless and until you feel convinced that the other person or the other group is 100 percent fair as per measuring behaviour (one of my blogs); you cannot talk freely or glibly with him/her/them.
    I have spent days and in the end realised that measuring behaviour is the foundation to glib talking