Monday, November 8, 2010

Becoming extroverted

A normal middle-class Indian is introverted. Some of them may want to
become extroverted so that they become outgoing, smart and street smart.
They look at books, browse Net to find out ways on how to become an extrovert.
But they end up becoming dissappointed.
There may be books and materials available on the topic, but the problem is
they may be unsuitable to an Indian mindset.
A normal Indian has many queries in his mind. "Will I clear IAS exams?",
"Can my sketching improve?" or "Will I be rejected by Mr.A when I meet him?"
etc. etc.
Traditionally our saints and sages were perturbed by questions like
"Who am I?","What is the purpose of my life?" etc.
Over the ages we have inherited this questioning mindset. We always seem to have
questions and we spend time trying to discover their answers. This causes introversion.
The first step towards no introversion is therefore no self-queries.
I am looking forward to your responses and hope that together we shall be able to
make the seemingly impossible journey from introversion to extroversion.
Keep blogging.